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Years of experience in production and sales of aluminum profiles



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Tailor-made aluminum profiles for you free of charge

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5 advantages, so you can safely choose!

Big Advantage,So that you can choose!

  • Die Technology excellent technology

    FreeProvide aluminum profiles
    • Years of dedication to create a complete-die-extrusion-processing-aluminum finished product production process
    • Rich experience in high density tooth radiator, lamp profile, special section and large section profile
  • 优势

    Tailor-made, optimized

    Lower the product
    • With more than senior engineers, professional and technical personnel
    • We will give you the idea and the use of our professional improvement suggestions to improve the practical products
    • Just a drawing or a sample, plus your idea, and leave the rest to us
  • Strong technology integration capability

    Make your aluminum profile cost-effective75%Above
    • Free door-to-door survey site, free installation of construction schematic diagram
    • Programme budget provided free of charge
  • 优势

    Choice, aluminum profile cost savings of more than 65% ,

    Really Save you money
    • Years of aluminum profile construction experience, the cooperation of customers across the country, improve the after-sales system
    • Customer orders within 24 hours to deal with orders, General Orders 7-15 days shipment, special orders 5 days shipment
  • 优势

    Years of experience in aluminum profile construction

    Marked Price One Stop ShopServices
    • Successfully served 100 large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions and various fields;
    • Focus on aluminum production, design, installation, after-sales one-stop service;

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About us
Foshan ruiyu Aluminium Products Co. , Ltd._袋鼠加速器教程

Foshan ruiyu Aluminum Products Co. , Ltd. is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Companies specializing in the production of various industrial (profile) aluminum and aluminum products manufacturers, set mold design and manufacturing, aluminum extrusion, processing and surface treatment in one enterprise. Carry on the strict management to the product quality.

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 Foshan ruiyu Aluminium Products Co. , Ltd._袋鼠加速器教程 By virtue of superb professional technology, excellent construction quality, perfect after-sales service, the project quality has been unanimously praised by the majority of customers, set sales, design and construction in one of the specialized aluminum profile company, the company's main products are electrical aluminum profile, mold development and manufacturing


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